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Eldercare Connect

Powered by Senior Advisory Services

A comprehensive employee benefit program designed to

address the complex needs of eldercare.


  • Peace of Mind & Stress Reduction

  • Expert Eldercare Advice

  • Crisis and Long-Term Planning

  • Eldercare Resources such as Support Groups, Educational Seminars and a Referral Network


  • Higher Productivity & Reduced Presenteeism

  • Focused Employees, Who aren't Distracted by Worries at Home

  • Better Retention

  • Loyal Employees

We recognize that balancing business priorities and caring for a loved one can be a challenging time. SAS partners with corporations to provide their employees with expert guidance in navigating senior living and care options.

Our concierge service empowers families to make certain that aging loved ones have the most appropriate services and senior care resources available. Whether caring for a loved one at home or coordinating a loved ones discharge from the hospital and/or transition to assisted living, we are here. We educate families helping them understand and compare the overwhelming number of senior living and care options and the associated costs, which allows them to make an informed decision.


In addition, we offer corporate seminars to educate your employees on preparing for the crisis with an aging loved one and navigating the complexities of senior housing and care.

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